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Dr Vivien Moris office Dubai

"When Science meets Art, It's time to embark on your Aesthetic Journey"
                                                                                   Dr. Vivien Moris

Dr Vivien Moris Dubai

I view plastic surgery as a remarkable tool, a fusion of advanced technology and artistry. In skilled hands, it becomes a powerful means to transform and enhance. My expertise lies in breast and body contouring surgeries, where precision and an understanding of the human form are key. Alongside these, I specialize in facial rejuvenation, employing both surgical techniques like deep-plane facelifts, eyelid surgery, and lip lifts, and non-surgical methods such as fillers and botox. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon with over 10,000 surgical procedures done in France, I always think about the patient first. Each procedure is more than just a technical act; it's an opportunity to bring out the best in each individual, respecting their unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. My approach is always patient-centric, combining scientific rigor with a keen aesthetic eye to achieve results that are not just transformative but also harmonious and natural.

Botox Dr Vivien Moris
Boobs Dr Vivien Moris
Facelift animation Dr Vivien Moris
Nose model Dr Vivien Moris
Buttock implant Dr Vivien Moris
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